Router Admin Login router/modem login admin to password list. The Internet connects us with devices called routers. Thanks to the routers, internet service has reached everywhere and we have the opportunity to benefit from wireless. There are many processes and arrangements to be made about routers.

The IP address of the web site for these arrangements will be To process this IP address, we need to have the following brand routers: TTNET Airties, Airties Air 5343, Airties Air 5443, Airties Air 5452, Airties Air 5650, Airties Air 5750, Airties Air 6372 , Philips SNA6500, Philips SNC6500, SMC and ZTE XDSL.

To give detailed information about this site:

1.The router interface called us the web page,

2.After we open this interface, we need to login to perform the transaction,

3.User name and shade are requested from us for entry,

4.Although it is possible for us to access the user name and password from our router's manual or from the call center of our router, the passwords frequently used in our country are as follows.

Username: admin Password: ttnet

Username: admin Password: pass

Username: admin Password: password

Username: admin Password: leave blank

Username: leave blank Password: leave blank

Username: admin Password: superonline

5.Here are the steps we can make from this interface that opened after login:

Router Setup: When we get our router, we get this link by people coming from where we bought.

Change Password: It is a necessary and important process for us to use our router and internet connection safely. The stages of this process are as follows: to log in to the router interface via IP with user name and password, find the wireless settings section and change the password from there. At the same time, the process of determining the password is made in the same section.

*All operations of the router can be done.

*Sharing operations can also be provided through this IP address.

*Regulations and studies related to automation systems can be done.

*LAN, WAN and WLAN settings can be made.

*Port Opening and Port Shutdown Operations are the main ones.

Find Default Passwords For Your Router

Router IP Address

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