Login Router Configuration Router Login Configuration's or Ip address login admin. Routers, uses an IP adress for default gateway. In local network area, this adress should be matchless. There can not be two devices with an IP adress It can be used as make your own network and it is also used from local sites and many networks.

What it is For? is IP adress which helps to the connection  when wireless connects to the internet. This private address is displayed on the TCP / IP gateway settings on a client device by joining a local area network (LAN). İf you want to know whether your device on your network is using or not, you should use the ping asistant program.

Potential Problems of

You may face with  some problems while  using this IP adress. To give some examples of these problems are this; gateway which have many problems device or a device address which have many problems. With this IP adress, you must create a static IP address for gateways. If the gateway device problem is another problem with the customer, it is likely to be subject to technical malfunctions. This issue which occurs in the Wi-Fi  settings, network names and IP addresses are assigned to clients automatically. It is natural and normal to have these problems. You should not have to worry about this kind of problems and ask for help from an authorized service. Although this situation is very rare, it has been heard from some users that have caused the gateway corruption.

Some username and passwords for

Like every router, this router needs a username and password to access the user panel.  Here are some user names and passwords that can help you to reach this panel.


You must reset your router if you cannot access the panel with these user names and passwords.

Default Passwords For Your Router's

Router IP Address

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